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The BDV Opportunity Fund is designed as an opportunistic investment vehicle, strategically positioned to capitalize on emerging market opportunities within the deep tech, medtech, and biotech sectors.


Two of the companies we have invested in: Prellis Biologics, at the cutting-edge of bioprinting and drug discovery, and Ares Materials, innovator in advanced polymer materials. These investments underscore our dedication to fostering the growth of visionary founders and transformative companies. We’re committed to expanding this thriving portfolio, with several promising opportunities already on the horizon. Our investors gain exclusive access to BDV’s extensive experience, our + 35 years of cultivated networks, and deep industry knowledge to identify and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow’s tech and biotech landscapes.


To learn more about the BDV Opportunity Fund and explore partnership opportunities, we invite you to contact us. For the fund executive summary, fill out the form on the Contact page or email us at

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